Art in the Open/Island Fringe Festival News & Special Printable PEI Events This Weekend!

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On Stage!

Friday-Sunday at various locations in Charlottetown 1st Annual Island Fringe Festival  

Confederation Landing Park 07:30pm Blow ’til you Burst

7:30pm Thursday-Saturday Ring of Fire: The Music of Johnny Cash

Confederation Centre: Studio 1 7:30pm Thurs- Sat  The Kitchen Witches

The Mack, (MacKenzie Theatre) 

7:30pm Mon -SatCome-All-Ye

11:00pm Saturday Late Night at The Mack

Rodd Charlottetown Hotel 6:30pm – 10:00pm Tues-Sat! Feast Dinner Theatre – Tex in the City

Victoria Playhouse 8:00pm  Tues to Sun Trudeau Stories  

Montgomery Theatre

7:30pm Mon,Thurs & Sun (2pm) Sense and Sensibility

7:30pm Weds, & Sun Travels With My Aunt

7:30pm Tues, & Sat  Our Town

King’s Playhouse Sunday Murder Mystery Plays “Hickory Dickory Dead”

St. Peters Courthouse Theatre Friday PEI Love Story

The Guild, 9pm Saturday Popalopalots  



Charlottetown Legion – Clover Club-Charlottetown Pop presents: Paper Lions / The North Lakes / Coyote  

Charlottetown-1st Annual Island Fringe Festival  

Harbourfront Theatre 07:30pm –Remembering Elvis, 1935–1977—Thane Dunn and his Cadillac Kings

Old Belle River Church-Ten Strings and a Goatskin  

Baba’s Lounge-Boxer The Horse

Brothers Two Restaurant John Oliver

Dundee Arms Inn-Kelley Mooney  

Fishbones Oyster Bar & Seafood Grill-Dan Currie Band  

Silver Fox Curling & Yacht Club Haywire / Arrows in the Air

Marc’s Studio-Colour Code

Opening Onscreen 

Empire Theatres Studio8 –  Sparkle

City CinemaBeasts of the Southern Wild

Brackley Drive-In Theatre  Total Recall & Step Up Revolution



Charlottetown 1st Annual Island Fringe Festival 

Charlottetown 04:00pm –Art in the Open   

Art in the Open 2012 “A Town As a Canvas!”

Last year I was fortunate enough to witness the inaugural festival of all things artistic “Art In The Open”. This town was checkered with passions come to life in an event like no other & had a great response. This year it’s back & from what I hear it’s going to be even better!

During my stroll through a dressed up Charlottetown on an late August night last summer I saw many sights that were certainly interesting. A tree with 10 analogue TVs, a pageant of dressed up ravens, Mi’kmaq drumming and dancing, & an open-air geodesic dome with audio recordings of animals. Quite the mix of creative kicks! I got the impression that this event was all about encouraging interaction.

Victoria Row, known for its first rate restaurants and shops it was even more active with some impressive projects to see and interact with. Julie Love and her three sisters (will be returning this year) with “The Creativity Project” which incorporates recorded stories in a cute little house in the middle of the street filled with wondrous décor, pictures, & writing. Julie said they came up with the idea 2 years ago to help encourage creativity. The response was overwhelming as many people took the time to write their thoughts in a journal provided as they listened to the recordings.

Art in the Open Pics

Art in the Open Pics

Along the way I met some really friendly artists & spectators. Some of the nice things I heard about the day included: “People enjoyed what we had going on and there was lots of involvement” from artist, Stephen B. MacInnis. And video producer, Ryan Steele said,“Seeing everyone gather around the tree (a large-scale phosphorescent tree called “Photosynthetic” by Gerald Beaulieu)at night, was fantastic! It showed that this one day could bring a community together and that was quite wonderful!”

“Art in the Open is a contemporary art festival for every age,” said organizer Becka Viau, “It will be full of magic and surprises again this year. Become an artist, watch artists work or take a stroll downtown and be inspired.”

According to Viau, the “Parade of Crows” will return with a free public costume making workshop leading up to the festival. Lori Joy Smith & Catherine Miller’s “Wonderland Labrynth” at Connaught Square which is the family-orientated site this year promises to be quite an experience. It’s made of fabric flags & filled with woodland & imaginary creatures. Another project I just can’t wait to see is Luke Leunes’ human sized “Dancing Robot” which is sure to dazzle the imagination &be a lot of fun for the kid in all of us.

For something even more out of the ordinary in Charlottetown, Art in the Open is joining forces with Island Fringe Fest. This theatre festival is allowing scripts that aren’t quite ready for prime time to shine! There are six theatre companies involved. One production idea that I’m particularly interested in is called “Circle of Stones”.

by @PLHolden

by @PLHolden

Producer Cheryl Dalziel told me about her inspiration by 19 stones in a Cornwall, England field. Each one was unique in size, shape, energy, & texture. According to legend, they were the result of the punishment of 19 women dancing on a solemn day. In this play the stones come to life & tell us why they were “making merry” on that fateful day. Some stories are hilarious & some thought provoking. Chances are there’ll be no one in the audience who can’t relate to at least one of them. They plan to have the play outside of the Coles Building in front of the statues.

My journey last summer through Rochford Square, Connaught Square, Victoria Row, & Victoria Park was filled with wonders. I was inspired by these unique artists to leave behind my preconceptions about what bona fide art is and allow even something as simple as taking out of focus pictures to become an exercise in artistic expression.  It’s an event that has something for the aspiring artist in everybody & with so much more added to the line-up, it’s sure to capture the imagination of anyone passing through town this year.

Crapaud Community Hall 8pm Zack Squires & Friends Birthday Bash

What a better way to celebrate a birthday then with music and great friends! Come on out and have some fun! I’ll be playing along with a couple other friends! Door is just 10$ to support the hall. Bring your grandmother!

Trailside Café & Inn 08:00pm Meaghan Blanchard / Nudie

St. Peters Courthouse Theatre 08:00pm Colette Cheverie  

Baba’s Lounge-The Gypsies Reunion Show

Hunter’s Ale House-The Love Junkies

Marc’s Studio-Rodney Perry

Murphy’s Community Centre 06:00pm –East End History Celebration  

King’s Playhouse 07:30pm –An Evening of Bluegrass & Gospel Music: Northland Ramblers (ON)

Stanley Bridge Hall (Sterling Women’s Institute) 07:30pm Richard Wood’s World Class Kitchen Party  

The Guild 9pm Popalopalots

The Mack, 11:00pm Late Night at The Mack


Charlottetown-1st Annual Island Fringe Festival  

Confederation Centre: Studio 2 10:00am – 11:00am Soul Food

PEI Preserve Company 06:30pm Dino and the Harmonies

Mont-Carmel Parish Centre 07:00pm Mont-Carmel Concert Series

Wheatley River Community Hall 07:30pm Fundraising Concert  

Rock Barra Artist Retreat 07:30pm Songs from The Northside Concert Series: The Fresh Air Inspectors | Richard Wood & Gordon Belsher  

Red’s Corner Inc. Gibson Hunter Band  

York Community Centre 07:00pm Sunday Night Shenanigans

Trailside Café & Inn 11:00am – 02:30pm Hillborough River Gospel Brunch

Peake’s Wharf Peakes Quay Free Summer Concerts

Globe World Flavours Piano Man

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