Fant-Abba-lous Mamma Mia! By Cindy Lapeña

The 2016 Charlottetown Festival opened with the resounding echoes of some of the best-loved and most popular song-and-dance music of the 70s in the musical play Mamma Mia! by Catherine Johnson with music and lyrics by Benny Anderson and Bjorn Ulvaeus—both original musicians with Abba, and some songs by Stig Anderson. The stage play debuted […]

Talk About Talent! If These Shores Could Talk Review by PL Holden

Executive Director Haley Zavo talked about the stellar Summer 2016 ‘Coming Home’ schedule & thanked all of their supporters before the stage was lit up for this “Love Letter of Songs & Poetry”. King’s Playhouse may be older than your great grandparents (build in 1897, there was a fire in 1983 that took the entire […]

Hamlet: A Very Palpable Hit by Kimberley Johnston

Are you suffering from a Hamletian dilemma about whether to go or not to go to ACT ( a community theatre)’s latest Shakespearean offering?  You should most decidedly go. Director Terry Pratt’s vision of Hamlet is a very palpable hit. The show portrayed choices I had never seen but were exceedingly fun to watch. Pratt, […]

Evangeline Revisited by Cindy Lapeña

Except for two major actors whose roles have been reprised and a couple of members of the ensemble, this year’s cast of Evangelineis totally new. Whereas, Josée Boudreau played understudy in 2013, she carried the role of Evangeline Bellefontaine marvelously with her powerful soprano and forceful character. Jay Davis, whom I first saw in Bittergirl, […]

Eight Signs Aladdin is a Comedy By Cindy Lapeña

There are certain definite signs that a play at the Confederation Centre for the Arts Homburg Theatre is not a going to be a serious play. Let me elaborate. For the majority of performances, the first person you see or hear is Monique Lafontaine announcing the entrance of PEI’s very important members of the audience (VIMA, […]